Reach Your Potential

Planifi helps leading A/E firms see and understand their most valuable resources:
their people and their projects.



Align to objectives, profit targets, & process. Project Managers and Leadership work together towards profitability and growth.


Balance deadlines, profit, and hours for successful delivery. Project Managers are masters for keeping the course, while Leadership keeps an eye on the wheel.


Combine experience and data, and your firm can forecast with confidence. Identify trends across your firm and proactively determine staffing needs to optimize performance.


Deliver to Plan

Accurate planning means higher profits and happier clients. When your plan matches project actuals, you feel like a super hero (and you should). Uncertainty and delays burden our industry. Start off right with a reliable project plan to set the course for success.

Improve Performance

Set profitability goals on every project. Combine profit targeting with data-rich project visuals from Planifi and watch profits sky rocket. Planifi customers have seen margins 25% higher than industry averages!

Forecast with Confidence

Our simple planning tools mean Project Managers estimate, budget, and staff projects all-in-one. And, with all your firm’s resources and projects in one place, you can forecast – staffing, backlog, & deliverables – with ease.

Planifi is the standard for leadership to make decisions on staffing, project pricing, and competition.

David Freedman
Chief Financial Officer at Robert A. M. Stern Architects

We have more time to devote to real project execution issues in project team meetings.

Chief Operations Officer at Clark Nexsen

Planifi Solutions
Built for A/E Firms

Software built to solve the unique challenges of a growing A/E firm. Hiring and keeping your best people, optimizing resources, and tracking project performance – spreadsheets don’t scale, Planifi can help.

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